October 19, 2017 2 min read

Relationship Expert, Kenya K. Stevens of the JujuMama Love Academy shares her wisdom as our guest on Chocolate Life. We discussed relationships and how “Women Embracing Their Sexuality can Increase Breastfeeding Rates!”. How this whole #MeToo movement is still women whispering instead of shouting. What steps do Women need to take to reclaim their desire to breastfeed? What role do the men of the black community play in breastfeeding and birth? How do we start the healing process? Is it something that can only be done from the inside out or do we need the community's involvement? Visit www.chocolatemilkgear.com

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We kicked off the conversation speaking with Mother Shamika Shamara. Shamika shares how being a teen mom and being uneducated about breastfeeding lead to her feeding her firstborn baby formula but her donating her breast milk to NICU babies.

Then followed up with Mama Kenya K. Stevens a relationships expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife, and mother of three. Kenya attended Howard University in Washington D.C. where she graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education/ Child Psychology. Not only did she scoop up a degree, but she also met and married a fellow Howard student Carl Stevens. They now live between North Carolina and Manhattan raising three children.

Raised by a Father who was a member of the Black Panthers and a Mother who was a Hippie Dancer, Kenya states, "I was always a bit of a rebel". After 3 Homebirths and fighting cancer Kenya went on to breastfeed her second child for 3 years and her youngest child for 7 years. She has an amazing approach to life and you will be moved after listening to her speak about how Motherhood becomes easier when you accept your own sexuality.

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