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December 7, 2017


Push to Support Families Affected by the 2017 Hurricanes

December 7, 2017– Today, ‘Chocolate Milk Gear’ a breastfeeding awareness group announces the intention to donate money received from their store sales on December 19, 2017, to veteran domestic violence advocate, Kalyn Risker Fahie. This philanthropic initiative is to assist the Risker Fahie family in their effort to ease the sufferings of thousands in St. Thomas who were hit by the 2017 hurricanes.

Moon, the owner of the Chocolate Milk Gear Collection states, “we are asking communities worldwide to update their social media statuses, December 19, 2017, at 3 pm est to read, ‘I support families touched by 2017 Hurricanes’ along with the hashtag #2017fundrun”.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria left the Virgin Island devastated including many many other parts of US where they struck. Homes were destroyed, electricity broken, roads were cut-out, internet and phones are disconnected.

“Today marks three months since Hurricane Irma hit St. Thomas. We are still without power and running water in our homes, our roofs were removed and all our properties destroyed”, Kalyn cried out.

Since the wreckage caused by the hurricane, the region has received insufficient aid from the government to help get their lives back to normal. Kalyn, who has a reputation for empowering women affected by domestic violence through her organization, Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE), is one of the few showing great responsibility to the hurricane victims to subsidize government’s effort.

In her words, “The Governor of the Virgin Islands announced that he is planning to have most of the power in the island restored by Christmas. Unfortunately, he also stated that houses without roofs or houses with tarps covering the roofs may not be eligible to have power restored and this includes us”.

Kalyn’s family recently ordered a generator with proceeds of a bowling fundraising and other compensation to improve power supply to their St. Thomas home. With the proposed initiative by ‘Chocolate Milk Gear’ funds gained from the proceeds of their store sales and donations on the 19th. Moon states, "we hope to greatly ameliorate the unfortunate situation the Risker Fahie family and the people of St. Thomas are facing".

Those willing to buy an item or donate should visit for more information.

About ‘Chocolate Milk Gear’

‘Chocolate Milk Gear’ is targeted at educating breastfeeding women aged 16-35 and men aged 16-45 on the importance of breastfeeding and supporting breastfeeding mothers and fathers to fulfill their parental duties. The family strives to improve the declining breastfeeding rate amongst the black community and provide education to the outside community. Since its inception, ‘Chocolate Milk Gear’ has educated and empowered thousands of families. 

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