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Holidays Can Be The Hardest Time Of Year For Breastfeeding Mothers

It’s the holidays. This can prove to be a hard time of year for breastfeeding Mothers who come from formula families. Family tension during the holidays...Geez! Whatever unresolved frustrations and conflict you’ve carried through the years only heightens during the holidays. This is when everyone around you becomes the Guru of childrearing and criticism.

We hear people say that they don’t agree with the way you choose to nurture your child, but they would never say anything in front of you. Unspoken judgment is still judgment. The energy of judgment can be felt when sitting with your family at the dinner table. The holidays, amongst other reasons, is why we are creating Boobacation. We believe in creating a place of comfort for Mothers. Boobacation was created to provide Mothers with a place to get that support. Our app is an innovative solution to using technology to bring Breastfeeding Mothers together with a support system.

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