November 09, 2017 2 min read

Most people don't know why I chose to keep my children out of the school system. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I told myself, I am going to homeschool, eat vegan, do yoga every morning, keep her away from vaccinations and so forth.

Then she hit 3 years old and the guilt committee came to visit me. You are harming your child by keeping her so close. She won't learn how to deal with the outside world, she'll never have friends, she won't learn conflict resolution and so on. They had me "scar-ified", I just knew I was raising a child that would have to "recover" from her childhood.

I researched schools and did background checks on the people at the schools. The years that followed couldn't be described as anything other than a comedy of errors and unfortunate events. I remember showing up to a school when she has 3 and some woman was about the feed my baby a hot dog. When I called her out on it she told me, "I wasn't about to give her meat I was giving her a hot dog". Still to this day I don't know what that chick thought a damn hot dog was.

After changing schools four times I finally decided if she was going to need therapy because I kept her home then I'll just have to say I did what I felt was best.

Anyway, I shared that to say this. You will never really know the people who are watching your babies. Even if you hired someone to sit at home with you to watch them while you work, things can happen. We can't guess what the future has in store for us, we can't be the perfect parents and we damn sure can't hide our babies in a big safety bubble. You have to do your research and trust that you are doing what's best. People are nuts, you living in fear is not going to make them any less crazy.

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