About Us


This movement for equal human rights is an awakening for Black mothers in the United States of America and abroad. We, the Black mothers, have held this world down hand over fist -or better stated womb over breast- with practically no demands for ourselves. We fight in the front lines. We give birth. We breastfeed. We teach. We cook. We own businesses. We educate others all while holding ourselves together. It is agreed that we need economic, healthcare, and communal solidarity in America. We will never dissolve that vision until our demands are fulfilled. However, what we also need is to #RESTMAMA.

#RESTMAMADAY2020 is AUGUST 29th. This is a Call to Action! We need one day where we remove ourselves from the stressors of the system. This Call to Action will have multiple roles. One, it will give us some much needed respite but it will also show the United States just how important our roles are to the fabric of its existence. Two, we are asking Black mothers to stay home from work and don’t spend ONE penny. Three, we create time to fill our cups with empowering information to build our empires for generational wealth.

The murder of Black women in America hasn't sparked the same level of global outrage as the killings of cisgender Black men by law enforcement abuse and murder. The number of Black women dying during childbirth needs to be public health priority #1, tied with COVID, because this too is an epidemic. The fact that people are still asking why Black women need a Black Breastfeeding Week is extremely troubling in a country where Black infants are dying at disproportionate rates. Homicide rates of Black women are disturbing and, in many counties across the US, go unsolved. This MUST stop! By removing ourselves and our money from this system, we will get the attention needed to let people know we are NO LONGER sitting in SILENCE.

Our Goals + DEMANDS

Our DEMAND is we stop being treated inhumanely in hospitals. 

Our DEMAND is for equal opportunity for pregnancy, birth, and lactation support. 

Our DEMAND is to stop killing our children, our men, and us in the streets. 

OUR DEMAND is for thorough investigations into the numerous cases of Black women and children who have gone missing. 

Our DEMAND is to have equal opportunity to access venture capital to build Black-owned and operated businesses, innovation, and strategic economic planning within the Black communities across the United States of America. 


We make no apologies for focusing our movement on Black Mothers. #RESTMAMADAY2020 will help to recharge our energy so we can keep moving and fighting for change. We need you, MAMAS! While we are open to allies standing with us, we want it to be known UPFRONT this movement is about us. We will NOT be misdirected.

Black people alone account for an estimated $1.2 trillion or more of spending in the United States' economy annually. We know to have effective change it is imperative to affect America's capitalism in the pockets. We will strategically and systematically remove ourselves and our finances from this system until it falls down.



This is only the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of empowerment as a reality for ALL BLACK PEOPLE.